We offer Full Care and Self Care Boarding.  Owner/Manager live on premises.

Full Care is $295 a month and includes the following:

Horses are out on pasture in Spring, Summer and Fall.  Horses have access to run-ins and each have     
their own stall.   Every horse's  nutritional needs are different, and we feed accordingly.  Supplements       
should be provided by you and you are responsible for feeding them.
All veterinarian and farrier appointments are your responsibility and must be met by you.   Yearly shots
must be up to date and maintained by you.  As a general policy, we do not blanket our horses.   If the
weather is extreme, i.e., cold rain, sleet or  snow,  horses will be brought in to their stalls or run-in sheds.

Self Care is $150 a month and includes the following:
The owner is responsible for all maintenance of the horse.  We provide storage for your hay,       
grain  and tack.  We do sell sawdust on the farm.  Every boarder has a storage area for tack and
grooming/feed supplies.  All barns have electric, water and manure dump piles in or next to the
barn.  It will be removed in a timely manner.  Horses must be kept wormed and shots up to date.
(Morning feed and turnout -weekdays -     addt'l. $35 a month)

We have trailer parking, many trails and close proximity to Sweet Air and other parks.  We do not board
cribbers, stallions or aggressive horses.  Your trainer is welcome at our farm with advance notice.  
Please feel free to contact us to see our facility.